4 November 2015

Lifestyle | #MyPoppy with Buckley London

This year an estimated 45 million people are expected to wear a poppy and the Royal British Legion have asked people to share why they wear a poppy using the #MyPoppy hashtag.

This year, I purchased my poppy from Buckley London (you can see their full poppy range here) and they donate all profits from the sale of their poppy collection to the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland. 

The slogan for the campaign this year is: to the memory of the fallen and the future of the living which I find incredibly poignant. Having spent time volunteering for the Royal British Legion I have been able to see first hand the support they provide to those who need it most.

Everyone will have their own personal reasons for wearing a poppy, or for choosing not to, but I choose to wear mine for my Grandad - an incredibly brave and proud man; and for those who served alongside him, before him, after him and those who continue to serve in our Armed Forces and rely on the support of charities like the Royal British Legion.

There's the story behind #MyPoppy - what's yours?

Vicky x

PS - just incase anybody thinks this is in any way sponsored or compensated because I've linked a shop, it isn't. I've had so many comments and compliments on my poppy that I wanted to share the source with you all.



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