4 January 2016

Fashion | Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump Patent 120

In October I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Paris (you can find my summary of the trip here) and whilst I was there I couldn't resist popping into Christian Louboutin and making a purchase - I say popping in, we visited on the Saturday before leaving on the Sunday and it was a good 30 minute wait to get into the store!

I genuinely think the above might be my favourite picture of last year - the Louboutin bag, the flowers on the balcony and a slight glimpse of the Parisian streets through the curtains. Everything about this picture makes me think of the wonderful time I had in such a beautiful city.

So I've totally given away the shoes I purchased with the title but indulge me a little longer as we first look at what else was inside the box. Upon clouds of tissue paper you will find the dust bag for your shoes, a pair of spare heels in a mini dust bag and your care and warranty card.

I was very tempted to go quite "out there" and purchase something super extravagant but decided instead to go classic and buy a shoe that I could wear for numerous occasions, including more high end work events, that would remind me of my first trip to Paris.

Every woman should own a good pair of black pumps that can be worn with any outfit and that is why I decided to go for the New Simple Pump Patent in 120mm - the slightly exposed platform is great for helping with balance and makes the shoes more comfortable for their height.

I've worn them once so far: they had their maiden voyage to a new French restaurant in Marylebone called Les 110 de Taillevent and they're surprisingly comfortable. I usually take a 5 (38) but was instructed to size down to a 4 1/2 (37.5) which was a great shout from the sales assistant as they're so well fitting. 

All in all I honestly couldn't be happier, not just because I absolutely love my shoes but because they are not only a reminder of my first trip to Paris but also a product of my hard work - yes they were expensive and yes it is an extravagant purchase but I've also worked bloody hard to be able to sustain such a purchase and I'm really proud of that.

I think the So Kate shoes will be my next purchase, I tried them on in Paris and they were pretty uncomfortable but I'm prepared to suffer for them! Aside from that I am saving for an incredible pair of Jimmy Choo's... 

What purchase makes you feel all sassy and independent? 

Vicky x


  1. These are amazing! Love CL shoes, definitely the best! xx



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