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Vicky - 24 - London

Hello and welcome to my blog! What was originally Beauty Blogging Brunette has now expanded to become The Blogging Brunette simply because there is so much more I want to share with you all!

During my five years in the beauty industry I've worked on makeup and skincare counters, worked in a spa and freelanced as a makeup artist; I was lucky enough to assist at London Fashion Week and I've had my work published in magazines. 

I've always been quite a creative person and whilst that is no longer reflected in my day job, I try and nurture that side whenever I can and that, in part, is where my blog comes into play. You'll probably see that I'm not the most creative with a camera - give me Instagram and I think I'm Rankin but ask me to take pictures of shampoo and I just can't make it look as stunning as I'd like but as they say, a shoddy workman always blames his tools, or in my case, subject! But with words and areas I'm passionate about I hope not only to explore and capture my own creativity but also to inspire you to follow yours - I hope that isn't big headed of me!

By changing my blog name to something more non-commital to one subject I hope I can really open up and share more with you all as there's so much I have to say as anybody who knows me can vouch for.

I hope you enjoy reading The Blogging Brunette as much as I enjoy writing it and thank you so much to those of you who do read and interact with me here and on social media!

Vicky x

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